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Flash Fiction – Brotherly Love

brevity’s a bitch – 100 words to tell a tale of revenge – blame Chuck Wendig at, it was his idea


Brotherly Love


“Two JD’s.  Trebles yeah?”

“Dan, this with Carly…”

“Leave it.”

“I’m sorry.  Y’know?”

“Have a fucking drink mate.”

“But –“

“Get it down.  Slainte.”


“She was a cunt anyway.  Lot of traffic up that street before us, kid.”


“Look you’re my brother and I love you.  Forget it.”

“Another drink?”

“There’s green back home.”


“Town’s dead.”

“Pile-up on the ringroad.  You’ll see it from the bridge.”


“Yeah, bad one.”

“The road’s burning.”

“Chemical truck jack-knifed.”

“Dan, what you doing?”

“I loved her.”


“I need an ambulance; my brother’s jumped off the city bridge.”